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The IntelliCENTER Cost Advantage Calculator is a tool used to show the value add for a given system when upgrading from a conventional hardwired solution to a smart networked solution. This tool outlines integration expenses associated with installation, configuration and hardware costs for individual LVMCC units as well as Intelligent Packaged Power (IPP) solutions.

System Components:

Intelligent Motor Controlled Devices:
  • Direct Online Starter: SMC-50, SMC-FLEX, E300
  • Variable Speed Drive: PowerFlex drives

Intelligent Electrical Protection Devices:
  • Air Circuit Breakers
  • Generator/Transformer Protection Relays: Allen-Bradley 857 and 865

Term Definitions:
Hardware Infrastructure: This includes all remote I/O panel hardware costs, labor to install wiring/conduit for device connections, and end-to-end check-outs.

Installation: This includes all engineering design labor to create/edit electrical drawings, and installation labor for running communication cables.

Configuration: This includes setting up each intelligent device for logical operation, which involves ensuring each device is on the network and configured properly. This also includes electrical checkout and startup where devices are verified on communicated platform and have the ability to perform when necessary.